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What are cookies?
As cookie (s) (English cookie, wafer, biscuit), IT refers to a small amount of data that the server sends to the browser and stores it on the user's computer. Each time the user visits the same server / site, the browser sends the data back to the server. Cookies are commonly used to distinguish individual users, store user preferences, and so on.

The cookie label associates with the United States or the United Kingdom to offer its favorite biscuits to a particular interest group or group to create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

source Wikipedie

Why does AUTOMARKET.CZ use cookies?
AUTOMARKET.CZ stores the following relational cookies (they are only saved during a given browser startup and are cleared if the browser session session / session / session session is not used):

PHPSESSID - used to sign up for registered users,

languages_lng_act_index - keeps track of the selected language (cz, english, deutsch),

xenorganizations_show_verification_message - Used to show greetings only when you first log in after registration.

Third party cookies

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